Morbius Movie Review 2022: Everything You Have to Know About Morbius

Marvel and Sony are banking on their upcoming superhero vampire film Morbius to help establish a new superhero universe allied to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What’s Good: Bits and pieces where Jared Leto as Mr. Morbius forms a bond with people only to be shattered more.

What’s Bad: the makers not focusing on exploring those same bonds and rather focusing on everything else around them.

Loo Break Says: Not when Jared Leto is giving the best scenes which are few. So you will know when to.

Watch or Not?: Only if you want to keep up with the timeline and the happenings. The end credit is more exciting than the entire movie here

Language: English (with English subtitles).  Available On: In Theatres Near You! Runtime: 106 Minutes