First, turn your oven or electric radiator on to medium-high. Add nonstick shower or margarine to the container to hold the bread back from adhering to it.

The following stage is to air out however many eggs you really want into a plastic compartment or bowl (1 egg for every 2 slices of bread).

Empty milk into the holder or bowl ( 2 tablespoons for every egg) and add cinnamon.

After that mix, the fixings with a spoon, fork, or race until a large portion of the egg burden has separated.

Get out the bread you will utilize and absorb them individually in the plastic compartment or bowl with the fixings in them.

Continue to flip the bread until it is completely doused on the two sides.

Place the splashed bread onto the dish or electric radiator at medium-high.

Wait 40 seconds then, at that point, flip the bread to the opposite side or simply cook until the two sides are brilliant. at the point when the toast is completely cooked slide it onto a plate.

Last you can add the final details to your french toast like hot fruit purée, powdered sugar, additional cinnamon, syrup, or whatever else you might like.

The salutation you have made your own personal French Toast and you are presently prepared to eat!.