Happy Mother's Day 2022 to all of beautiful mothers in all over the world without mother's this world is nothing 

Lets understand the history behind the Mother's day that why we celebrate mother's day every year in all over the countries

Happy Mother's Day 2022: Mother's day celebrated on every second sunday of May in all over the countries like this year 

Happy Mother's Day 2022: This year Happy Mother's Day 2022  is also going to  celebrated on 8 May 2022 

But What is the history behind the Happy Mother's day that why we celebrated Happy Mother's Day Every year?

Mother's Day first discover in America in 1907. Because Anna Jarvis named lady loved her mother's too much 

And Anna Jarvis decided that after her mother Ann Reeves Jarvis died, she will never marry in future

Her dream come true that mother's day should be recognised as a national Happy Mother's Day in honours of mothers 

In 1914 American President Woodrow Wilson declared the Happy Mother's Day after second sunday of May every year

But not on all countires celebrated Happy Mother's Day at the same day. They celebrated on different dates