Ghani is a Telugu movie starring Saiee Manjrekar, Varun Tej and Naveen Chandra in prominent roles. It is a drama directed by Kiran Korrapati

What Is It About? Ghani (Varun Tej) is a boxing aspirant, whose father Vikramaditya (Upendra) was a famous boxer who was accused of doping.

Performances of the Actors:  Varun Tej is improving his acting skills with each movie and with different choices of films.

He is good as a boxing aspirant and he worked real hard to shape his body. Varun Tej’s efforts apart, his role needed to have much more depth in boxing

Ghani is supposed to be an intense sports drama with family sentiments and politics around. But here, the intensity and the depth in boxing are missing.

Review 1

There won’t be any details about his training, nor the coaches’ tips and tactics for the matches.

Review 2

The movie is primarily based on boxing but it hardly focuses on the techniques in the ring and the matches fail to impress.

Review 3

The forced love story of Ghani and the heroine is boring and could have been avoided. Skipping the scenes of their love story and the song for it could have saved many minutes

The reason for Varun Tej hating his father is sensible, but why his mother let the hatred grow in him is not known. Though she made him promise to stay away from boxing

Coming to the second half, the song where Suneil Shetty trains Varun Tej is good. Varun built his body well apt for a boxing aspirant and he shows of his six pack in a glimpse.

Coming to the politics by the baddie Jagapathi Babu, the betting drama he does could have been deeper, and that also appears like a plot-sake touch.

Even the climax match which should be fierce and powerful appears weak and obvious. Overall, Ghani is just another sports-based family drama in an old template.

The Overall rating of the movie is given by the critics is 2.5/5. Ghani movie is failed to impress the audience.