5 Interesting unknown facts of most succesful actor  Sylvester Stallon you will going to know today 

1. Slyvester stallon worked to clean the lion cages at central park Zoo, worked as a hairdresser, and Walter Reade Theater as an usher

2. Sylvester Stallon has been nominated for 2 academy awards, One for  Best original screenplay and 2nd for  Best Actor 

3. Stallon is the third man in the history who recieves these two nominations for same title after charlie chaplin and orson welles

4. Stallon also worked in a p*rnography feature fil "The Party at Kitty and Stud's" and was paid $200 for 2 days

5. His mother Jackie Stallon is a american astrologer, former dancer and promoter of women's wrestling

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