(100% Hack) How to Recharge a Disposal Puff Bar 2022

How to Recharge a Disposal Puff Bar 2022

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How to Recharge a Disposal Puff Bar: What is up everybody welcome back to another post. we are gonna be showing you guys how to recharge a disposal Puff bar, how to charge the puff bars, and How to charge a puff bar pluses. 

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We just figured out how to do it it’s actually super useful because puff bar likes to scam on these. They always stop bitting before they’re actually run out of juice. 

How to Recharge a Disposal Puff Bar Step by Step

How to Recharge a Disposal Puff Bar: So this hack is super useful but before I show you how to recharge a disposable puff bar. we want to smooth down the tail so comment below what you guys are smoking on what you guys are smoking out.

The pop bar is the biggest scam honestly of any big company they sell these disposal devices but they die after supposedly the pub bar plus is like 800 ribs.

But honestly, it lasts like half a day and you don’t even get nearly a quarter of the juice out of the pub bar but even compared to the views compared to the jewel the flavor is absolutely unreal. 

How to Recharge a Disposal Puff Bar Video

So using the hack you can actually get your money’s worth and make it worth it.

How to Charge a Puff Bar Plus

The first thing you’re gonna need is a charging cord for all you’re gonna do is cut it in half find d2 power cords one is gonna be black one is going to be red if there are four cables push the other two to the side you’re not gonna need them.


Strip the top of the cables and now you are ready to go you can also use this method to make a charger for a joule for an alto.

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The first thing you’re gonna want to do is remove the mouthpiece and the butt end on the puff bar all I did here was use my fingernails to pry it up a bit now. 

You want to be careful when you’re pulling this out because if you bring any of the wires you will not be able to charge the pump more. 

So just slowly and very carefully pull out the battery and you only need to pull it out about an order of an inch.

If you pull the tape back a little bit you can see where the black and the red wire actually connect to the battery.

All you’re gonna want to do is connect the red and black wiring to the plates that the other wiring is connected to hold it there in place and connect the other. 

Your turn now that both of the ends of the charger are plugged in you should be able to hold it for about 10 to 15 minutes and get a decent charge.

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Now you won’t able to charge this amount fully but you’ll get it charged up enough to get a couple of ribs. 

We just charged this pot bar for about five minutes hopefully we didn’t up any of the wirings and we’re gonna go ahead and try to give it a rip.

And now as you guys can see it doesn’t work the best but you still do get rips out of it. 

How to recharge a Puff Bar Plus without a charger

So now we have a mango fluff bar ready to use.

Now the puff bar plushies it’s gonna be a very similar process you’re going to want to start by just removing the mouthpiece usually you can get this by just twisting and pulling.

This is a lot easier to do with the top bar buses and the regular pump bars and honestly, these pluses are only an extra five dollars compared to the normal pub bars and they contain over double the number of ribs and juice so completely worth it.

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To get the button off it might be a little difficult so I always use my teeth that’s usually the easiest method.

Now when you’re using your teeth you want to be are where you could break all the wiring that’s in it. 

But once you have it up a little bit you can just use your nails to pry it off and then I find that the easiest method should have poker and just push down the middle that way.

How to recharge a Puff Bar Plus Battery

You don’t have to pull anything and for the pub bar plus yeah I can push it out all the way and where the cotton is actually coming now. 

This is what you can actually refill these as well as you do is drip some juice on the Nikon we don’t have any so we can’t show you how to do it. 

But it’s really simple once you have it taken apart you can pretty much figure it out for yourself. 

So once you have the battery out of the puff bar you can see that on the top is any red wire connecting to a metal plate.

And on the bottom is actually the same thing but with a black wire connecting to a metal plate and all you need to do here. 

It’s really simple is grab your wires and connect the red one up here to the top. 

And then grab the black wire and go ahead and connect it down to the bottom and then you just hold it here.

These seem to charge a lot better and hit a lot better after your recharge them and refill them. I don’t think I will ever buy a normal puff are again because these puffs are pluses and are such a better deal. 

We just charged up to puff our pluses so we are going to go ahead and try to rip them and see if they work. 

How to Recharge a Disposal Puff Bar

How to recharge a disposal puff bar: So as you guys can see both of the pub bar pluses work great mind is absolutely amazing and it’s giving you rally severance so hopefully. 

We saved you guys a ton of money by using this hack but thank you for giving your precious time to reading this post. 

Hopefully, you guys enjoy it thank you so much to all of you guys who are commenting on our post and sharing.

Conclusion: So here is the guide to the most demanding post about “how to recharge a disposal puff bar” I hope you understand easily how to recharge a disposal puff bar with wires” 

We have to try to understand easily how to recharge a disposal puff bar that’s why we have also mentioned images and videos. 

It will help you to understand easily “How to recharge a disposal puff bar” 

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