101+ Famous Welding Quotes (Funny and Motivational)

Funny Welding Quotes and Sayings

Funny and Motivational Welding Quotes

Most Motivational lines for Welder 

Every day I had the words you can’t do it people say you don’t have the skill or you’re never gonna make it in life they say that I’m wasting my time they mock me they laugh at me but when I step in that shop the first thing I feel is Joy 

When I rip in the welder and I’m wearing a mask all I feel is pure joy. When I see the flames rise from the metal and smell burnt enough for hair all I hear is Joy.

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Every day you get up in a day with potential every salad you make is a sound of potential every single dope you take is a dump with potential. 

You have to try you have to get up and stop moping around and just do it you can’t live in the past you have to look towards the future.

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No, I know that I’m just a normal person and that my words aren’t the wisest but I’m telling you if you just do it. It will make you feel better about yourself.

If you just stop saying no and just do it get out there in the world and do it and do it and do it then maybe just maybe you’ll buy a horseshoe cross made by me.

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Funny Welding Quotes and Welder Quotes


Being a welder is very easy, It’s like riding a motorcycle. Expect the bike is on fire, You’re on fire, Everything is on fire and you’re in Hell


Me, going back to my truck because I gorgot me frickin mask 


It’s all about burning rods and banging broads 


I haven’t had enough Caffeine or Nicotine to accomplish this successfully 


Up 5, Up 5, Up 5 – Are you F*cking Deaf?


Go get me a piper stretcher, you dumb f*ck


where in the hell did my helper go?


I think that its time to go for a smoke break 


I ain’t catching myself on fire today, mother-f*cker 


Open roots are just like s*x, Shove your rod in, and hope for the best 


Do you know why there are so many doctors, lawyers, and pilots in the world because they can’t weld 


Can I just go home, already?


I hate this f*cking machine, and this f*cking machine hates me


What kind of bullshit fit-up is that?


If you flash me one more time, you’re going to seriously regret it 


You can’t weld aluminum to steel, dumb ass 


Quick hand me the grinder 


I’m a welder, I’m here to build your shit, not to take any 


These fucking rods are garbage 


Nope, You don’t pay me enough to lay down in that mud 


Motivational Welding Quotes and Welder Quotes 


That’s what I do I weld, I drink, I hate people, and I know things 


Education is important but welding is importanter 


Don’t mess with a welder we get paid to use torches 


So Vintage, welder only can join the metals, welder can’t build a time machine, welder helps the scientist 


You’re going to make it, It’ll be hard but you’re going to make it possible 


I do more before 9 .m than most people do all-day


You know you’re a welder if you have a sunburn in winter


I can weld anything from the broken heart to a crack of dawn


God created welders because engineers needed heroes too 


No matter how I feel, I get up, I dress up, Show up, and Never Give up Because I’m a welder and that’s welders do


It’ll look fine after I grind it a bit 


Welder’s Prayer 


May my wire be clean

My Rig be ready

My Tungsten be sharp

My hand be steady 

Make the next weld 

I Make be my very best 

And lord please let me

Pass the welding Test 


Conclusion: I hope you enjoy the funny and motivational welding quotes and welder quotes. We have written so much amazing funny welding quotes and motivational welder quotes. 

So share with your welder boy who is working as a welder. These welding quotes will definitely motivate it and he starting loving his job. 

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