101+ Deep, Savage, Funny Friend with Benefits Quotes

Deep, Savage, Funny Friend with Benefits Quotes

Friend with Benefits Quotes

Friend with Benefits Meaning?

A friend with whom one has a casual sexual relationship, which is more than a ‘one night stand’ but less frequently than boyfriend and girlfriend (for heterosexuals) boyfriend-boyfriend (for gays), or girlfriend-girlfriend (for lesbians)

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A friend with whom one has a casual sexual relationship, which was downgraded from a relationship as boyfriend-girlfriend, boyfriend-boyfriend, or girlfriend-girlfriend, respectively. 

Friend with benefits synonyms, Wikisaurus: casual sexual partner 

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Best Friend with Benefits Quotes No Emotions

So let’s move to the topic which is “Friend with benefits Quotes”. In this post, I have written so much amazing and funny friend with benefits quotes you will going to love them. 

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Funny Friend with Benefits Quotes

One of the benefits of having friends with benefits is that you can get a good f*ck and still stay single 


Don’t you see it’s now or never? Because I just can’t be friends.


One of us is thinking about s*x… okay it’s me 


s*x… To save the friendship?


Tell me how the f*ck are we supposed to stay friends when you got a bunch of feelings that you don’t show 


Too many women are setting for friend with benefits Quotes even though they really want a relationship if you want more, tell them or move on 


I don’t want a relationship, I just want to have a friend who loves and give me s*x 


Affection, Kisses, s*x, love, trust…They’ve best friends with benefits


Cute Friend with Benefits Quotes


Put your lips close to mine, as long as they don’t touch 


Dream+Wish+Desire = Friends with Benefits 


We act like a couple, but I don’t get why we aren’t together yet 


More than friends…Less than lovers 


We’ve not dated, we’ve just been friends who hang out, cuddle, kiss, and have s*x.


Whatever happens we stay friends 


Listen, Where is my best friend? I want her back because I’m in love with her 

Deep Friend with Benefits Quotes


Why do some women love just having friends with benefits?


When you said friends with benefits, i assumed you mean lots of real estate referrals 


What? Nothing, Just glad I met you 


Are you cool with being friends with benefits?


We are not the same, I crossed my limits to stay with you, You drew lines to keep me away 


Friends with Benefit

Two supposed friends that stupidly decide be in a sexual relationship with the hopes of not becoming emotionally attached, it always ends in tears 


Life is better if you have a friend with a lot of benefits 


Do you have a friend with benefits? No? But I have and she is super cute 


We have always been friends. Just friends? Friends who like to do everything 


personally, I don’t do that “Friends with Benefits” thing, I would rather satisfy myself and maintain self-respect, than waste my time pleasing someone who is just too cheap to pay for a f*cking hooker 


Telling a girl you want to be “friends with benefits” is like saying, “You’re good enough for s*x, you’re not just good enough for feelings.


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