How Long Does a Root Canal Take Time? Is it Painful? Symptoms?

How Long Does a Root Canal Take Time?

How Long Does a Root Canal Take Time

Are Root Canals Painful? 

How Long Does a Root Canal Take Time: So your dentist told you to need a root canal and you’re worried it’s going to pain, No wait let me go for the painless root canal. Root canals have been extremely painful in the past and it has this bad reputation of being one of the most painful procedures in dentistry but let me tell you it’s not like that it’s not the most painful procedure. 

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There might be some pain involved though they might be some pain involved though. So is there is something called a painless root canal, so comment below if you’ve had a painful root canal. So when I was a kid I had a cricked ball hit me right in the face and those are the only two root canals I god done. 

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How Long Does a Root Canal Take Time: I have no recollection of that root canal, So I’m guessing it wasn’t painful the only thing I remember is something hot in my mouth when the gutta purcha was getting condensed but I have no recollection so I am guessing it wasn’t painful, 

If you ask anybody what the most painful procedure in dentistry is that probably ould say root canal well I would say it’s an extraction, It’s actually neither, both of them are equally painless or painful, but things have improved on there are great anesthetic techniques we can use there are ways in which you can give anesthesia. 

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Which you wouldn’t even feel it right, at worst you’ll feel it just like a small pinch that’s about it so that’s the only pain you will have to deal with in a root canal procedure and extraction and essentially.

So just a bit will you feel pain in a root canal yeah just a bit, there’s no such thing as a painless root canal from start to finish. 

What is the root canal? 

How Long Does a Root Canal Take Time: So the tooth has basically three layers of hard enamel and has soft dentin and the nerve inside the nerve just loops around inside the tooth. If the decay has reached the pulp which is the nerves and the blood vessels inside the tooth or even sometimes it’s bacteria penetrated to the pulp, then you do need a root canal. 

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So now the blood supply has stopped the tissue inside your pulp is dead so you don’t have any pain now, but give it time this bacteria starts to grow in this dead tissue and now this bacteria starts to lay its toxins, but where can it go, it the only place. 

It has this down on the bone and that’s done it goes to the bone and that’s when you have pain. 

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How Long Does a Root Canal Take Time: So this dead tissue is what has to be removed in a root canal essentially, filling for your nerves. Your small cavity possibly started in your enamel and it grew and it reached your pulp. Starting a cavity to a root canal is possibly months-years. 

So get your fillings done don’t wait for it to be a root canal.

So Do you need a cap after the root canal? Yes you do need a cap after a root canal, well mostly, so usually you can get away with it in your front teeth but the problem is once the most canal is done the tooth starts to discolor. 

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How Long Does a Root Canal Take Time: Maybe not immediately but it will happen because the Hemo syndrome sets in and it become a little bit. So it’s like think of it as your tooth

How Long Does a Root Canal Take Time: So root canal is essentially drilling right down your tooth so you have a big hole in the center of your tooth, so think of any tree trunk with a big hole in the center. 

Does make it weak right my thing is if you get a treatment done get it in such a way that you forget that you even had a treatment done. So if you don’t get a cap done and you are at the risk of your tooth breaking when you eat it might not happen immediately but it will happen. 

How Long Does a Root Canal Take to Heal?

How Long Does a Root Canal Take Time: It varies from case to case as to how long it takes I’ve had cases take as little as 28 minutes. I had one case that I remember vividly that took six hours, of course, that was over to appointment periods and that was over 20 years ago as well but in on overage, a person could expect to have it take about 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

The success rate it’s about 90% according to the studies which I compared to that of implants so when you’re looking at the root canal versus implant controversy or decision-making process implants are really good in the last resort situation but if you can save the tooth it’s probably the better implant, for the most part, a well-done root canal can last decades. 

How Long Does it Take to Recover from a Root Canal?

How Long Does a Root Canal Take Time: It varies from patient to patient. But on average, the time of recovery after the root canal is a few days. It means just after the root canal treatment you will be healed properly after a few days of treatment. 

Signs and Symptoms of Root Canal? 

How Long Does a Root Canal Take Time: When the pulp inside a tooth becomes inflamed it can lead to a root canal system infection which can be a real pain. Left untreated and infection can lead to bigger problems down the road. 

Do you know the signs that indicate you need a root canal? 

  • A constant Toothache
  • Lingering Sensitivity 
  • Swelling in the Gums 
  • Tooth Discoloration or Discharge” means it’s time to seek treatment

Root canal infections don’t go away on their own. And even if your symptoms resolve you should still consult a specialist. Luckily, you have multiple root canal therapy options. But for a minimally invasive treatment option that provides fast healing. 

And cleans the deepest, Most complex portions of the root canal system 

What to Do After a Root Canal? 

Avoid chewing on the treated tooth ( Trauma or stress on the tooth could cause a tooth fracture. 

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene ( Continue flossing and brushing your teeth, Flossing carefully around the treated area. 

Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking ( Smoking and Alcohol can interfere with the healing process )

Rinse your mouth with warm salt water ( Salt inhibits dental bacteria and promotes healing ) 

Take Medications and prescribes ( If you’re prescribed an antibiotic, Finish the course to avoid complications, And, as with any medical procedure  )

Pay attention to your progress 

Promptly address any concerns

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