101+ Heart Touching Abandonment Selfish Parents Quotes

Selfish Parents Quotes

selfish parents quotes

Abandonment Selfish Parents Quotes: A real parent is someone who puts their kids above their own selfish wants and needs. A real parent is someone who sacrifices their own dreams to achieve their kid’s dream.

A real parent is someone who gives a more comfortable life to their kids above their own.

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Real parents help their kids to achieve their goals while sacrificing their own life. This is called parenting towards their children. 

Abandonment Selfish Parents Quotes

We are not promoting hate about Selfish Parents quotes. I was researching and found that thousands of people are already searching on Google that “Selfish Parents Quotes”. 

Then I decided why not publish an article on that “Selfish Parents Quotes” 

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It’s just a Quotes which people are searching and I am just providing them. 

We all know that not all parents are good enough towards their children. Not all parents are sacrificing their life for their children. 

Not all parents give love to their children. 

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We are not promoting any hate towards your parents or anyone’s parents. But these are some facts which you have to understand that not all parents are good. 

Selfish Parents Quotes in English

Not all parents are good, some parents are worst than demon

Sometimes it is not the fault of their children. Maybe they are punished by God because of their own Karma.

Those parents who want to control the life of their children are some of the worst parents ever.

It has been my obervation that parents kill more dreams than anybody.

Children are not born for the benefit of their parents, neither are they the property of their family. Childre belong to the future.

Yes, lots of children sacrifice their dreams just because of their parents. Still, society thinks only parents did everything.

Sometimes educated idiot parents have brilliant chil but their parenting make their child idiot too.

Hi, don’t upset yourself, Itsok if you hate your parents. Not all aprents are good.

Parents, please stop controlling your children for all things. Instead of that, help them to take better decisions for their life.

Irresponsible Selfish Parents Quotes 

What you’re doing is not parenting. Its called suffocating. Stop it, or you’ll lose your child.

We are looking for someone who can understand or pain, emotions and feelings, Now parents can’t see all those things.

Gving birth to you doesn’t give rights to parents to control eveything in your life.

Make your own income source for your survival. Bacause, not all the parents going to support children’s dreams.

Yes, you have to learn how to walk alone. Because all parents support their children is just a myth.

It really hurts when parents don’t support your dreams. That means they care about their happiness not yours.

Being a parent is about encouraging and supporting yoru children in things they enjoy ding, not just what you enjoy doing. Don’t be a selfish parent.

Divorce doesn’t scar children…Selfish Parents with insecurites do

Unhealthy Relationship Selfish Parents Quotes

Yes, You Mom can be the Demon of your life. Do not stress yourself just because you always see good things about the moms on social media.

If you are feeling lonely even when you are with your family then believe me there is no love and understanding exist between you and your family.

Yes, not all moms are that good, and most of the time they don’t even know how to do proper parenting of the child.

In the end, even your parents will say that they are not responsible for your life. And, then you realize that you wasted the precious time of your life according to them.

The truth is most parents don’t even know that how to do parenting in a good manner.

Being a real parent shouldn’t be when it is convenient for you. It is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year commitment.

Best Selfish Parents Quotes

Lots of times parents do not support their children’s dreams and want you should do everything according to them.

If a child gets successful without any parent’s support then either they feel insulted or want full credit, just because they give birth to you.

And obviously, our society supports only parents because they are parents too.

Sometimes parents pressurize their children for marriage just because they want to see grandchildren or marriage.

What is the logic behind it?

Marriage should be done when a person is ready mentally, physically as well as financially to take responsibility for others.

Many parents frequently say that “we did everything only for you”.

Imagine their life, if they don’t give birth to you. Is there any effect on their life?

It is possible that they are not caring parents but pretending to be good ones. The truth is most parents don’t even know how to do proper parenting.

If your parents do not respect your decision and emotions, Then believe me they are not really loving you.

You are just a retirement plan for them, they are investing lots of money to grow you.

It’s sad how many parents put their revenge agendas ahead of their child’s well-being.

Kids deserve to have as many people loving them as possible without being made to feel guilty about it.

Conclusion: We are not promoting hate towards your parents or anyone’s parents. It is just a fact that all parents are not so good not all parents are caring towards their children, Not all parents sacrifices towards their children, Not all parents care about their children’s dreams. 

That is a fact that not all parents are good. So these are things that everyone should understand. 

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