401+ Best Clever, Funny Wifi Names 2022 Make You Laugh

Funny Wifi Names 2022 For Your Router

funny wifi names

Funny Wifi Names 2022: Are you looking for some amazing and difficult names and passwords which is difficult to guess and protect from your neighbor from your wifi

Then I have written so many amazing and funny wifi names 2022 to freak out your neighbors.

The funniest Wi-fi names mine isn’t a very special Wi-fi name in my house just has normal Wi-fi it has a regular standard name

But you know you can name your Wi-fi you get actually change the name of your Wi-fi

If you didn’t know obviously some of you guys knew so that we’re looking at the funny Wifi names 2021.

Funny Wifi Names 2022 Make People Laugh

The following are the most amazing funny wifi names 2022 which will definitely make your neighbor laugh when he/she’s trying to connect with your wifi router. 

These names are some of the best funny wifi names 2022 which you are looking forward to.

I hope you will love these funny wifi names 2022 and choose one of the funniest wifi names for your router.

Let’s move to the topic Funny Wifi Names 2022 which you are come today in our post to check out these names.

Hogwarts Great Hall Wifi

Click Here for Viruses

I Have Wifi and You Don’t

Test Wifi Please Ignore

Get Your own Damn Wi-Fi

It Hurts When IP

Virus Distribution Center

LAN of Milk and Honey

Mom, Click Here For Internet

Ouch…Sat on my Nutz


Network Not Found

Super Thanks For Asking

The Net Starring Sandra Bullock

Wifi Network Names Generator

Use This One Mom

Look Ma, No Wires

I am the Internet, AMA

Keep it on the Download

99 Problems, But Wifi ain’t one

The LAN Before Time

FBI Surveliance Van #594

Our Internet is Faster than Yours

Don’t Touch my Daughter

Pretty Fly for a WIfi

I’m Touching Your Daughter

Y No You Get Wifi?

Get off My LaN

I am under your Bed

Really, *sshole? Curry Again?

Ouch…Sat on my Nutz

CHild Toucher

Protected C*x

Wu-Tang Lan

Router, I hardly know Her

Dora The Internet Explorer

404 Wi-fi unavailable


Titanic Syncing

I Have Wifi and You Don’t

Feel Like Flying

Internet Costs 70$

Go Home Tourists

Go Go Gadget Internet


You Pay Now

Your Music is Annoying

2 Girls 1 Router

Girls Gone Wireless

I’m feeling a good connection

Boeing 787 – Guest

Bill Clinternet

Winternet is Coming

Wi-Fi not Found

Obi-Lan Kenobi

The Next House Over Has Free WiFi

Routers of Rohan

Untrusted Network

Martin Router King

Grandson’s Magnet

Clever Wifi Names 2022

No Devices Connected

Access Denied

Free Wi-Fi

The wifi is out of Order Try Later

Not Free so use Your 3G

Get off My Sh*t

Your Dog Sh*ts in My Yard

Yell P*nis for Password

Help, I’m Trapped in a Router

Try, Try, and Then Try Again

Bring The Beer and Women to 40.2

Virus Loading

Will You Be Mine Girfriend

Please Stop Having S*x at 3 A.M

Only Free For Hot Girls

Don’t Touch My Daughter

Pay 1$ Per Hour For Wifi

Stay an Inch Away From My Wifi

NSA Surveillance Van 19

We Can Hear You While Having S*X

Virus iNfected Wifi

Only For the Beggars

Property of My Hot Girlfriend Only

It Burns When IP

100 Problems But Wifi Ain’t One

Best Funny Wifi Network Names Reddit

The following are the Best Funny Wifi Network Names for your Reddit.

Just check out these Funny wifi Names 2022 if you are looking for some amazing funny wifi names 2022 for your router.



Don’t Even Try It

Money Struggles

Can’t Touch this

Professor Oak’s Pokedex

No Free Wifi For You


Funny, It worked Last Time

Hide Yo Kids Hide You Wifi

Turn Wifi off

Feel Like Flying

Your Music is Annoying

Your Grammer is More Annoying

Call Me Maybe

$10 an Hour

My Neighbors Suck


Sour Patch Kids


Hogwarts Great Hall Wifi

No Free Wifi For You

Password is Password

More-over Guest

Satan Rocks My Socks



I’m Under Your Bed

FBI Surveillance

Your Kids Get off My Lan

Telly MywifiLoveHer

Who is Your Daddy Not Whose, OMG Whose Your Daddy

One Does Not Simply Log in to Mordor

Don’t Angry Me

Top 10 Best Funny and Hilarious Wifi Names 

The following is one of the funniest and hilarious lists of the top 10 wifi names which you are looking for

I am definitely sure that you are going to love these funny wifi names 2022 for your router. 

These names definitely make you laugh when you read these funny wifi names 2022

You are My Crush

Solo Lan


No Internet Access

This is Not Free Either


I’m Watching You

1KBps Speed

Nice Try, Neighbor

Connect and Die

Conclusion: So here is the list of the Best Hilarious, Cute, Clever, Funny Wifi Names 2022 for your router.

I hope you loved these funny wifi names 2022 which you are looking forward to.

If you find this post helpful then please share these posts with your know once who are looking for some amazing and cool Funny wifi names 20222for their router to freak out their neighbors. 

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