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20+ Best Poem on Honesty, Absent Father, Fear, Mother


A Poem on Honesty, Fear, Absent Father

A poem on Honesty

A poem on Mother, Friends, Son

A Poem on Honest: As you, all know that honesty is the best policy. That’s why I wrote this post with lots of poems on honest that you are going to read below.

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I this post, I have written a lot of poems starting from the Poem on Honest, Absent Father Poem, Mother Poem, Fear of Love, Etc

All these poems are written by me so you can use these poems anywhere you want to use them.  

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Broken Heart Poem

I am crying over the loss of you

Screaming and kicking through the pain

A broken heart is like a rainy Monday

That drags on and on

A Poem on Fear of Love 

He comes back around

But I don’t know him anymore

If he wanted my love

Then why didn’t he ask before?

He craved my attention But couldn’t handle the storm

Expectations ache my soul

I was thunder but he wanted more

I was naive

I wish I could turn back time

Be a little smarter

Be a little wiser

But falling in love was fast

And to this I was blind

Absent Father Poem

If my dad was here today, I think he would smile as I tell him about my day

If my dad was here He’d probably hold me in an embrace

He would breathe

And tell me that everything’s okay

There are the things I’d hope he would say

But I think he’d probably frown and turn away

He’d witness her strength, her love, her sorrow

He’d notice her blue eyes turn to gray

He’d take her hand, her beautiful wrinkled hand

And say “My dear time has passed but I am here today”

He has seen her struggles and weeps away

For he is not home, he can not stay

Acrostic Poem on Father


We’ve been talking to each other for a while now.

And believe me it’s much better that way.

I don’t even know if you miss me.

I any case, for my part, I am much better

I even admit that I am hardly sad not to speak to you anymore

People tell me you’re my dad anyway and it’s dad.

But believe me no child should endure what you have done to me physically and mentally

Poem on Honesty in Relationships

When you left, My bones crumbled

I didn’t take shower for three days

At that time my hair was curly

An Afro cloud that dangled above my head

resembled a woman who has given up

I forgot what a brush was

I ran out of toothpaste

I didn’t get out of bed

I smoked until my lungs turned black

The residue turned my teeth into and plaque

I breathed in – breathed out

Nothing I could do made me relax

You will never know how you left a hole in my heart

How you took a sledge hammer and cracked my foundation

Spread my dust across new concrete and recycled me for her

Poem on Honesty of Fear

When I was a child nothing scared me

I was fearless

Thunder rolled off my tongue

And rain followed

I was bold like a hurricane

I could make flowers dance

And watch as they kissed the sky

I found everything beautiful

And cried all the time

My emotions were strong

My confidence was solid as a rock

But now that I have aged

I long to turn back the clock

Best Poem on Honesty on Love

He comes back around

But I don’t know him anymore

If he wanted my love

Then why didn’t he ask before?

He craved my attention

But couldn’t handle the storm

Expectations ache my soul

I was thunder but he wanted more

Best Poem on Honesty of Life

Life is uncertain

Placement is temporary

Time is flickle

Expereince is extraordinary

Consuming fear is infinite

Dread is consuming

The mind is irrelevant

Does this world ever stop moving?

Mankind is altering

Thoughts are destructive

Society is changing

And hearts are impulsive

Living is an experience of inhale, exhale, repeat

Breathing is a rhythm

The soul is the best

Example of Poem on Honesty

The same energy which is held in the burning core

of a burning star

Under burning skies

Is the same burst that continues my growth

The same energy that keeps the flame lit

Is the ignition that will end me

I am foolish to tell the fate

That my existence is everlasting

Nature and I are connected under her course

She keeps my blood flowing like water

Through the rocks

My times is an ember

I can not burn forever

The same hand that ripples the water

Is the same hand that stirs my questions

Can the wind really be tamed?

After all, my sail has left the boat

And how can I think any differently of the man

Who ended his life

when my time will come

My purpose will be revealed

My soul is a concept trapped inside a complex mind

Lying dormant behind dark chestnut eyes

Conclusion: So here is the best poem of honesty, absent father, mother, fear, friends or best friends, Etc. 

I hope you will love this poem on Honesty 

Share it as much as you can.

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