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101+ Funny Pet Chicken Names based on Celebrites


List of Funny Pet Chicken Names

funny pet chicken names

Funny Pet Chicken Names: The popularity of chicken is increasing day by day. People are preferring to keep and eat chicken daily. People love to eat chicken daily in their homes that’s why the production of chicken has increased 10 times more nowadays.

The Story of the Chicken Lover Please Read

Funny Pet Chicken Names: One of my friends messages me and told me to tell their story of chicken to your subscribers by publishing their story on your blog post and also suggest me some amazing and Funny Pet Chicken Names.

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Let me tell you my own story of our family. When we first started eating chicken we did not get so much taste but as we started slowly chicken at the same time the craze and the taste of the chicken in our family are increased times more.

And then we started one’s in a week then two times in a week then three times in a week and now in our house, we maximum cook chicken 4-5 times in a week and that’s a huge amount of number in just a single week.

You can imagine now that how taste we are getting from the chicken and the addiction to the chicken is next level.

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But as time passed, I noticed one thing our expenses are also increasing day by day. The taste of the chicken is amazing but the expenses are also amazing. It’s simple bro when you start eating a chicken  5-6 times a week. It will automatically increase your expenses.

Then I decided to keep a couple of hens on my poultry farm to make a chicken from them by giving a baby. I keep just a couple of chickens but now I have 22 Chickens and that’s a huge amount of number for me.

I have so many amazing chicken Babies and I love them so much.

Now I am losing the taste of the chicken from my tongue day by day. Now the addiction of my and my whole family to eat chicken daily is losing day by day.

Because when I started to keep chicken at my home then I automatically lost my taste to eat chicken, now I and my whole family do not feel like eating them at all.

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Yes, If ever I wanted to eat, I and my family eat chicken from outside but I can never eat them because I do not feel like it at all and my family members also do not like to eat them because they are now become our children.

And tell me who can eat their children?

And I am looking for the Best Unique and Funny Pet Chicken Names for my hens. Please suggest to me some unique and funny chicken pet names for my pets.

I just wanted that whenever I ask them their names they just listen to me and come to me. That’s my dream with my pets.

I just want to give them special names because I just wanted to keep them as my children because I have so much sympathy towards them.

And I don’t want to lose them at any cost.

Let’s move to the topic of “Funny Pet Chicken Names

Unique Funny Pet Chicken Names

Betty Penny
Sadie Berry
Rudy Eggster
Tilly Delma
Patsy Dory
Scotty Sunny
Agnes Edith
Gertie Monty
Pepper Lemon
Luis Dottie
Wilma Bilma
Silma Bella
Dorothy Scarlett
Barney Juicy
Cheeky Goldie Hen
Ziggy Suzi
Egg HEad Holly
Sunset Lola
Henrietta Pedro
Foxy Gertrude
Petal Cooper
Penelope Bob
Ruby Romeo

Funny Pet Chicken Names For Buff/Yellow Colour

Buffy  Blonde 
Apricot  Peachy 
Sandy  Goldie 
Sunny  Ginger 
Honey  Pumpkin 
Caramel  Custard 
Amber  Coral 
Daffodil  Marigold 
Buttercup  Fawn 
Waffle  Cheeta 
Cheddar  Noodle 
Dorito  Chablis 
Tweety  Barbie 
Butterscotch  Creamsicle 
Butterbean  Cheeto

Funny Pet Chicken Names Based on Celebrities

Angelina Jolie  Scarlett Johansson 
Dwayne Johnson  Jennifer Lawrence 
Jennifer Lopez  Rihanna 
Will Smith  Kim Kardashian 
Matt Damon  Tom Cruise 
Ben Affleck  Brad Pitt 
Nicole Kidman  Charlize Theron 
Jennifer  Aniston 
Ryan Reynolds  Tom Hanks 
Julia Roberts  Katy Perry 
George Clooney Megan Fox 
Leonardo  Dicaprio 
Arnold  Arian Grande 
Justin Bieber  Marshmallow 
Selena Gomes  Zayn Malik 
Messi  Ronaldo 

Funny Pet Chicken Names Based on Dishes 

Chicken Tikka  Chicken Kofta 
Chicken Malai  Chicken Tandoori 
Chicken Roasted  Chicken Biryani 
Chilli Chicken  Butter Chicken 
Kolhapuri Chicken  Chicken Curry 
Chicken Korma  Chicken Pakora 
Chicken Chettinad Gravy  Chicken Masala 
Chicken Shawarma  Chicken Manchurian 
Chicken Popcorn  Tangdi Kabab
Garlic Chicken  Pepper Chicken 
Chicken Cutlet  Chicken Pulao 
Chicken Lollipop  Chicken Keema 
Chicken Noodles  Chicken Masala 
Chicken Fry  Chicken Burger 
Shami Kabab  Kerala Chicken 
Schezwan Chicken  Reshmi Kabab 
Chicken Fried Rice  Chicken Dum Biryani 

Dumb Funny Pet Chicken Names For White Colour 

Snowflake  Snowball
Snow  Icy 
Winter  Avalanche 
Frosty  Angel 
Ghost  Casper 
Boo  Circus 
Cloud  Everest 
Sugar Salt 
Coconut  Popcorn 
Marshmallow  Milkshake 
Charmin  Chalk 
Pearl  Opal 
Diamon  Elsa 
Q-tip Cotton

Silkie Funny Pet Chicken Names For Red/Brown Colour

Rusty  Poppy 
Chestnut  Cinnamon 
Nutmeg  Paprika 
Cocoa  Pepper 
Cheyenne  Garnet 
Scarlet  Ruby 
Topaz Auburn 
Amaretto  Merlot 
Brandy  Cabernet 
Brownie  Fudge 
Hershey  Copper 
Penny  Sunset 
Bullseye  Cedar 
Russet  Anna

Best Funny Pet Chicken Names From Movies

The 400 Blows La Haine
The Godfather  The Departed 
White Heat  Mafioso 
Duck Soup  Fight Club 
Batman  Snatch 
Gladiator  Crash 
Amelie  Big Fish 
Seven  Samurai 
Layer Cake  Friday 
Donnie  Frasco 
Raging Bull  Ed 
wood Fear 
Primal  Half Baked 
Dreams  The Dirty Dozen 
Bellboy  Shooter 
Six  Dark 
Hours  CKY2K
Edmond  Johnny 
Mad  Dog 
Public Enemy  Belly 
Rango  Transformers 
Limitless  Star Trek 
The New Mutants  Artemis Fowl
Underwater  Tenet 
The Call of the Wild  Birds of Prey 
The Devil All the Time  The Way back 
Mulan  Dolittle
Monster Hunter  Onward 
Love and Monsters  Wonder Woman 
The Old Gaurd  Borat 
Fantasy Island  Run 
Bloodshot  SOul 
After we Collided  Extraction 
Unhinged  One Night in Miami 
The Grudge  The One and only Ivan 
News of the World  Enola Holmes 
Hamilton  Bad Boys for Life 
The Midnight Sky  Scoob 
The Rythm Section  Like a Boss 
Horse Girl  All the Bright Places 
Chemical Hearts  Holiday 
Protect Power  Lost Girls 
Over the Moon  Hercules

Funny Dirty Black Chicken Names

Jet  Ebony 
Mocha  Pepper 
Morticia  Wednesday 
Midnight  Raven 
Crow Lucifer 
Elvira  Crow 
Lucifer  Bandit 
Blackjack  Carbon 
Charcoal  Guinness 
Inky  Jinx
Ninja  Onyx 
Mystery  Sharpie 
Tar  Vader 
Pepsi  Licorice 
Coffee  Expresso 
Asphalt Ebony 

Funny Blue Chicken Names

Dusty  Shadow 
Shade  Blur 
Skye  Stormy
Stratus  Misty 
Cobalt  Sterling 
Slate  Moon
 Blue  Bluebell 
Blueberry  Ashes 
Chrome  Cobweb 
Foggy  Gray-cy 
Granite  Heather 
Hazy  Mercury 
Nickels  Asher 
Smoky  Scooty 
Smudge  Greyson

Funny Spotted/Striped Chicken Names

Stripe  Dotty 
Domino  Checkers 
Oreo  Speckles 
Sparkles  Sparkles 
Sprinkles  Cruella 
Patchy  Pixel 
Pebbles  Spot 
Barcode  Cookie 
Ho-Ho Moo
 Eightball  Tux 
Panda  Splatters 
Patches  Buttler 
Soccer  Merlin 
Shamu  Keys (piano)
Magpie  Speck 
Marble  Banner

Conclusion: So here is the list of the Funny Pet Chicken Names that start with different colors and some inspired by celebrities and Movies. 

Basically, this post is suggested by one of my close friends to publish some unique and Funny Pet Chicken Names. So I hope you loved this post and I also enjoy very much sharing your story with my viewers. 

If you loved this post then please share your feedback in the comment section.

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