499+ List of Unique Popular and Cute Boys and Girls Korean Names

Cute Boys and Girls Korean Names

Cute Boys and Girls Korean Names

Cute Boys and Girls Korean Names: So everyone wishes to have a fantastic, lovely name of theirs, to seek attention. Everyone wishes for a name that has a beautiful meaning.

And this kind of wish is mostly seen in girls. They always want to have their name to be different, to be unique.

If you are a parent and searching for some most amazing Korean names for girls, then you are at the right place.

Because we have brought the most beautiful Korean names for boys and girls that you are going to not only love but also adore.

Names live with us, so they are must be wonderful, and meaning full.

So have a look at the names I have found for you and get a pretty name for your boys and girls, which will give them confidence all through her life.

A boy’s whole personality is judged by his name. As we know, names live for us for the whole life and they should of a kind that gives us confidence about ourselves.

Best American Korean Names Boys and Girls 

If you are a Korean and searching for some best Korean names for boys, your search ends because you have stepped into a page with the most unique, wonderful ideas for Korean names for boys.

So, go through the Korean names for boys that are given below and choose the right name for you, for your whole life.

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Beautiful and Cute Korean Baby Names For Girls with Meaning

The name should always match your personality, and if you are so cute, then indeed you need a cute name. So if you are searching for a cute Korean name.

I have brought a huge collection of the best cute Korean names. Go through the post and you will surely get a cute Korean name, for which you are searching everywhere.

NAME             MEANING
Ha Eun  Ha Means Summer, Great or Talented – Eun Means Kindness, Mercy 
Ha Rin  Ha Means Summer, Great or Talented – Rin Means Female Unicorn 
Ha Yoon  ha Means Summer, Great or Talented – Yoon Means Allow or Concert 
Ji Ah  Ji Means Wisdom, Intellect – Ah Means Beautiful, Bud, Sprout, Elegant
Ji Woo  Ji Means wisdom, Intellect – Ah Means Rain, House or Universe
Ji Yoo  Ji Means Wisdom, Intellect – Yoo Means Abundant, Rich, Plentiful 
Seo Ah  Seo Means Auspicious – Ah Means Bud Sprout, Elegant and Graceful
Seo Yeon  Seo Means Auspicious – Yeon Means Beautiful or Graceful 
Seo Yoon  Seo Means Auspicious – Yoon Means Allow or consent 
Ae-Cha A loving Daughter 
Bong-Cha The Ultimate Girl 
Chin-Sun The one who seeks truth and goodness in everything, Truth, and goodness
Choon-Hee  A Girl Born at the time of Spring 
Chun Hei  Justice and Grace 
Chun Cha  Noble and Daughter 
Eun Ae  Grace with Love 
Eun Jung  Grace and Affection 
Eun-Kyung A Graceful Gem 
Hae-Won Graceful and Beautiful Garden 
Hee-Young Joy and Prosperity 
Hei Ryung  Grace and Brightness 
Hei-Ran  Grateful and Orchid 
Ho-Sook A Clear Lake 
Hoe  A Korean Dish of Raw Fish 
Hwa-Young A beautiful Flower 
Hyo-Sonn One who is Gentle 
Hyun Jae  Wise and Respect 
Hyun-Ae  A woman who is loving and clear 
Hyun-Ok  A wise and Beautiful Pearl 
Jae Hwa  Respect and Beauty 
Jin Ae  Truth, Mercy, Charity 
Jin Kyong  Truth, Trease, and Brightness
Kyung Mi Honored and Beauty 
Kyung Soon  Honored and Mild 
Kyung -Hu  Girl in the Capital 
Mi Cha  Beauty and Daughter 
Mi Kyong  Beauty and Brightness 
Myung Hee  Brightness and Pleasure 
Sang-Hee  Benevolence and Pleasure 
Bong-Cha  Superior Daughter 
Haebaragi  Sunflower 
Hei-Ran  Graceful Orchid 
Jelanyum  Geranium 
Jindalee  Azalea 
Kaneisyeon  Carnation 
Soo-Yun  Perfect Lotus flower 
Tyullib  Tulip 
Yang-Gwibi  Poppy
Heejin  Precious Pearl 
Haneul  Heaven or Sky 
Yuri  Glass or Crystal 
Mi-Young Everlasting Beauty 
Sang-Hee  Pleasant One 
Sun-Hee  Goodness and Pleasure 
Jung Hwan  Righteous Beauty 
Eun-Kyung  Graceful Gem 
Areum  Beautiful 
Cho-Hee  Beautiful Joy 
Jang-Mi Rose 
Eunjoo  Little Flower and Summer Grace 
Hyejin  Intelligent and Bright 
Seohyun  Auspicious
Yoonah  Light of God 

Beautiful and Cute Korean Baby Names For Boys 

Tired of searching? But didn’t get any popular Korean name? So finally you have reached your destination, where you will the popular Korean names that your heart desires.

Pick the one for your loved ones and feel popular with the popular Korean name.

NAME            MEANING 
Do Hyun  Do Mean Path – Hyun Means Virtuous and Able 
Do Yoon  Do Means Path – Yoon Mean Allow or Consent 
Joon Won Joo Mean Around – Won Mean First of origin 
Joon Woo  Joon Mean Handsome – Woo Mean Protection or Rain 
Min Joon  Min Mean Quick, Clever Joon Mean Talented or Handsome 
Seo Joon  Seo Mean Auspicious Joon Mean Handsome 
Si Woon  Si Mean Begin or Start Woo Mean Intervention, Protection or Rain 
Ye Joon  Ye Mean Art, Talent or Craft Yoon Mean Handsome 
Yoo Joon  Yoo Mean Tenderness, EveningBaek Hyeon, Friend, Qualified, Courage, Help – Yoon Mean Handsome 
Baek Hyeon  Baek Mean Older Brother – Hyeon Mean Worthy and Virtuous
Beom Seok  Beom Mean Model, Rule or Pattern – Seok Mean Like a Rock 
Bon – Hwa  One who is Glorious 
Bong  A Mythical Bird, Probably Phoenix 
Chin-Hae  Truth or Depth of the Ocean 
Chin-Hwa  The Most Propsperipus and wealthiest of all 
Chin-Mae  Truth, A person who always speaks the truth 
Chul  Firm, something that is neither soft nor very Hard 
Chul-Moo The weapon of Iron 
Chung Ae  Noble and Love 
Chung-Hee  One who is righteous and dutiful 
Chung-Ho  A righteous Lake 
Dae  The Great one Shining 
Dae-Ho  A great personality – Great 
Dae-Hyun Great and Honour 
Dae-Jung  Great and Righteous and Honest 
Daeshim  Greatest Mind 
Dong-Min  East and Cleverness
Dong-Sun  The goodness of the East 
Dong-Yul  One having the passion of the East 
Du-Ho Head and Goodness 
Duck-Hwan  Return of the Virtue 
Duck-Young The virtue is unchanging and everlasting
Haa Joon  Ha Mean Summer and Talented- Joon mean Handsome 
Hak-Kun  One with literate Roots 
Haneul  Havenly 
Hoon  Teaching
Hwan  Bright
Hye  A Bright and Intelligent 
Hyuk  Radiant 
Hyun  Bright or Intelligent 
Hyun Ki  Intelligent 
Hyun Shik  Clever, Smart, and Brilliant
Kyun-ki  The foundation of the Wisdom 
In  Humanity or Wise 
Da  To Attain 
Suck-Chin  An Unshakeable Rock 
Sang-Ook One who is always well and wealthy 

Pretty Cute Female Korean Names 

Getting difficulty in choosing a Korean name for females, so here all your difficulty ends because you have hit the post with the most amazing Korean names for females.

You are absolutely going to love these Korean names for females and will definitely choose one for you. Go ahead and get your best name.

If you find this post helpful, do share it with others, who are sailing in the same boat of finding a Korean name for females. Do let me know in the comment section, how feel about this post!

Areum  Bong
Bora Chin
Cho Chul 
Chun  Dong
Du  Eui
Eun  Gi 
Goo  Hae 
Hana Haneful 
Hea  Hee 
Hei  Hiah 
Ho  Hy 
Hye In 
JJae Jong
Joo Jung
Ki Kyung
Mee  Min 
Moon Myung
Nam Nari 
Ok  Sena 
Shik  Sora 
Suk  Sun 
Sung  Uk 
Whan  Woong
Yon  Yong 
Yoon  Yun 

Cute Male Korean Names 

In this post, I have compiled all the beautiful Korean names for males that you are going to love wholeheartedly. Here, you will find the best Korean names for males.

If you really liked these Korean names for males do let me know in the comment section below.
You can also share this post with the ones who are in search of Korean names of males, this will help them too.

Bae Bong
Chin Cho
Chul Chun
Daewon Duri
Eun Gi
Gook Gun
Gyeong Haneful
Hee Hei
Ho Hoon
Hwan Hye
Hyo Hyuk
II Iseul
Ja Jae
Jeong Ji
Jin Jong
Jun Kwang
Kyong Kyung
Min Moon
Myeong Ryung
Sam Sang
Seok Seung
Shik Shin
So Suk
Sung Yeo
Yeong Yong
Back Hyeon Beom Seok  Byung-Hee 
Chnag-Min  Chin-Hae 
Chin-Mae  Chul-Moo
Chun-Soon Chung Ae 
Chung-Ho Dae-Ho 
Dae-Hyun  Dae-Seong
Dong-Min Song-Sun
Du-Ho Geon
Gook Ha-Joon
Haneful Hoon
Haneul Hwan 
Hyuk  Hyun-Ki
In-Su Iseul 
Jae-Sang Jeong-Eun
Jeong-Kwan Jihun 
Joon-Su Joo-Won
Jung-Hwa Kang-Dae
Kwang Kyong
Man-Shik Man-Yong
Myung Sang-Ook
Seojun Seung
Seuk-Chin Tae
Won-Shik Ye-joon
Yong-Sun  Young-Jae 
Young-Soo Kwan

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