Boys and Girls Modern Gaelic, Celtic, Irish and Scottish Baby Boy Names

Irish and Scottish Baby Boy Names for Male and Female  with Meaning

irish and scottish baby boy names

Irish and Scottish Baby Boy Names: Hi, Guys so following on from my Military Dog names post last week I thought this week I would obviously do Irish baby boy names with meaning.

Baby, they are so special to their parents and if you kept an amazing name for him or her then how wonderful a feeling it was for him or her in the future.

Irish and Scottish Baby Boy Names For Male and Female

Every parent should be the best name for their children so to research take some time and choose the best name for your babies. 

If you are not getting the best name for your baby boy or baby girl then in this post we are going to resolve your issue about choosing the best names for your baby. 

Because we have mentioned so many Baby names for boys and girls in this post that even one of them you will going to love it and choose for your baby. 

And we hope you will definitely going to love these names and choose one of the names below. If you choose any of the names then please do comment in the comment section and let us know which name you kept for your Baby. 

I was requested to publish an article on Irish baby boy names and Scottish Names for Boys and Girls.

So after the huge demand from our viewers, we have decided to upload Irish baby boy names and Scottish Baby Boy Names for Boys and Girls. 

We have uploaded so many common names which are very popular in Ireland some of them are a little bit rarer.

Irish and Scottish Baby Boy Names with Meaning

But they are all traditional old Irish names and some of them be a little bit better known as male names. 

And some of them might be better known as a female names but they are all gender-neutral and they work for both so let’s get started with the first names:

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Top 10 Irish Baby Boy Names with Meaning

  • Name: Faolān
  • Meaning: It means Wolf or Little wolf and it comes from the Irish world.


  • Name: Enda 
  • Meaning: It means Bird-like or Freedom of spirit and it comes from the Irish world which means bird and it’s pretty nice.


  • Name: Siúirtán
  • Meaning: It means to descend or slow down.


  • Name: Regan
  • Meaning: It comes from the Irish world wreath which king so means king’s child. 


  • Name: Shea 
  • Meaning:  The meaning of the name Shea differs depending on whether using it as a male name or female names so the male shade means hawk or hawk-like and the female shea means from the force or admiral so and yet depending on what gender you are using it for the meaning. 


  • Name: Odhran 
  • Meaning: It means sallow one or dark-haired or pale little green one.


  • Name: Naoise 
  • Meaning: It means warrior. 


  • Name: Caol 
  • Meaning: It means slender or narrow


  • Name: Radha
  • Meaning: The name Radha is derived from the Irish word Radharc which means view or vision or a beautiful vision. 


  • Name: Ceallach
  • Meaning: Some People say it means war or strife and some people say it means Bryce or a beautiful mind so I guess you can interpret that however, you want to interpret it. 

Irish, Gaelic, Celtic Baby Boy Names with Meaning

  • Name: Colin
  • Meaning: Cub or Young Pup


  • Name: Darragh
  • Meaning: Oak Tree


  • Name: Ryan
  • Meaning: Little King or illustrations


  • Name: Danial 
  • Meaning: God is my Strength 


  • Name: Sean
  • Meaning: God is Gracious


  • Name: Brendan 
  • Meaning: King


  • Name: Conor
  • Meaning: Lover of Wolves, Strong-willed and wise


  • Name: Finn
  • Meaning: Fair or white


  • Name: Kian 
  • Meaning: Grace of God


  • Name: Declan 
  • Meaning: Full of Goodness


  • Name: Kiyan
  • Meaning: Ancient Enduring


  • Name: Kaisen 
  • Meaning: Descendent from the Vigilant


  • Name: Torin 
  • Meaning: Chief


  • Name: Murphy 
  • Meaning: Sea Warier


  • Name: Killian
  • Meaning: War or strife 


  • Name: Angus 
  • Meaning: One Strength 


  • Name: Cullen
  • Meaning: Holly Tree 


  • Name: Aidan 
  • Meaning Little Fiery One 


  • Name: Allen
  • Meaning: Harmony, Stone, or Nobble also Fair Handsome

Sweet Scottish Baby Girl Names 

Ella Agan
Arable Bonelle
Bonie Caitir
Daviana Elsie
Erwina Jaymiee
Jesanie Maezie
Meribeth Mhairi
Flora Seonag
Yvaine Sharie
Mzairia Sohani

Sweet Scottish Baby Boy Names

Jack Oliver
James Lewis
Alexander Charlie
Lucas Logan
Harris Daniel
Finlay Jacob
Leo Mason
Noah Harry
Alfie Max
Callum Aaron

Conclusion: Finally, the post ends up here, we have mentioned so many names above like Irish Baby Boy Names, Scottish Baby Boy Names for Boys and Girls, Celtic Baby Boy Names, Celtic Baby Boy Names with meaning. 

You can choose any of the names which we have mentioned above with meaning. 

These are the most popular and trending names which you can choose for your baby boy or baby girl. 


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