101+ Best Funny New Car Quotes For Facebook & Instagram Captions

Funny New Car Quotes – New Car Quotes For Facebook

Funny New Car Quotes

Funny New Car Quotes For Facebook:

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When I was writing this post, I sat in front of my car and start writing this post. 

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New car Quotes Sayings – Quotes For New Car

  • Baby, You are my Love, You are my Peace, You are giving me a good vibe which I need to survive. 
  • First Car is just not a Car its an emotion
  • Dear My New Car “Billo Rani” I do a lot of hard work to get you in my life. 
  • Buying a New Car is like a new member in the Family. 
  • Hey Charlie, Now we will shake the whole world through your Speed. 
  • This was my dream to buy you no matter how much hard work I have to do. 
  • Hey Baby You are not just a car You are my second home. 
  • This is my first car but there’s are more to come. 
  • Baby, I purchased you just to see the world through your eyes. 
  • I Love traveling that’s why I purchased you, Now show me the world as you promise me in my dreams. 
  • Hey My New Car, From Today we will Protect each other. 
  • See My car, It’s beautiful than your girlfriend. 
  • Did you know Everyone wants to drive you but you know that only I can drive you? 
  • I hope you Don’t Mind if I kiss you. 
  • My family members are 6 but after buying you now we are 7
  • Can You Tell me that why all the other cars get jealous of you? 
  • Now I will play all my favorite songs and drive you more and more.
  • I Can’t tell you that how amazing feeling Is this after driving you.
  • Hey Baby I will write on our back that “Catch Me If You Can”

Instagram Captions For Funny New Car Quotes

  • Did you know I just bought you to post your pictures on my Instagram 
  • People are eagerly waiting for your pictures on my Instagram. Please make a Pose immediately I have to click your pictures. 
  • After posting your pictures on my Instagram I got a lot of Followers. 
  • Every time I watched you, I Smile and feel proud on my dream. 
  • Did you know baby? Buying you is my Childhood Dream.
  • I have the ability to buy you, otherwise no normal person can buy you. 
  • Dear Baby, I do a lot of hard work in Silence just to park you in my Home. 
  • Did you know? You are the only one with whom I saw the dreams in my open eyes. 
  • Did You Know? You are my one of the biggest dream in my life. 
  • Baby why you take so much time to come into my life. 
  • Now I understand why everyone loves you. 
  • Now I understand why everyone seeing your dreams. 
  • Dear Baby, Did you know? You takes 10 years to come into in my life. 

New Car Blessing Quotes – Congratulations on Your New Car

  • I hope now you will give me all the pleasures of traveling
  • Baby, You are my love, You are my everything, I want to say this proudly that I love you very badly. 
  • Hey Baby Your look attracts people towards you. 
  • Hey Baby Did you Know? what is the most amazing thing in you is “Your Speed”
  • Baby, Did you Know? What is the most amazing thing about you “You are mine” 
  • I hope you don’t mind If I sleep with you. 
  • Let’s Go Baby I want to show you to the world that how amazing you are. 
  • I hope you don’t mind whenever I accelerate you more and more.
  • One thing I want to tell you about your speed is you can leave everyone behind you. 
  • Sometimes I think that I should eat you but then I think that I spend a lot of money on you. 
  • Baby Never go away, Always be with me, Whenever I need you run to me. 
  • Baby Loves me so much that I never need someone else loves. 

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  • Everyone Loves you but I Know you only Love me. 
  • Did You know? what is the craziest thing about you is “Your price”
  • Did you know? Everyone want’s to click pictures with you. 
  • Did you know? You are not a car for me you are my Girlfriend. 
  • Whenever you cross. You leave your marks behind. 
  • Tell me something? Why everyone looks at you every time.
  • Hey, You are not just a Car. You are my proud and I can say it proudly. 
  • Hey, Baby I Just Purchases you just to post your pictures on my Instagram. 
  • Baby, I am getting closer to you day by day. 
  • Baby, Did you Know? Everyone is talking about you in the City. 


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