101+ Famous Male & Female Chinese Names For Baby Boy & Baby Girl

Chinese Names For Baby Boy – Common Chinese Boy Names

chinese names for baby boy

Popular Chinese Names For Male and Female 

Chinese Names For Baby Boy: Today I want to suggest some pretty Chinese girl names, but I don’t want to suggest the full names or forgiven names because um a Chinese name can have two or six characters.

when our parents were choosing names for us they would choose the characters separately to stand for different aspirations for us for those who have no idea how Chinese names work.

You can check out this post first to learn more basics and then come back later so in this post, I am going to list some good characters for female names, explain their meaning, and how they sound and choose your favorite ones to put them together.

Chinese Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Chinese names for Baby boy: It’s like I am giving you some great ingredients but I want you to make your own fusion you know to DIY your own names and make something that’s creative and special to you.

If you already have a Chinese name or if you have found something release that you like to feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will tell you my honest personal opinions about them.

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Chinese Female Baby Girl Names with Meaning and Character

1. Wan:

Meaning: One you can almost tell how feminine it is simply by its radical which means female so this character is often used to describe a Gentle, Caring, Beautiful woman, by the way, the combination of it’s kind of common in female names.

I know a few ones know myself means the appearance and Wan wrong who is also the name of the last queen of china. 

2. Xin

Meaning: This is one of my favorite characters for names it’s not too feminine it’s unisex my month-oldness name has this character in it as well.

It means dawn when the sun is about to rise so it’s full of hope it looks simple it has nice pronunciation just perfect if you choose this names. 

3. Yan

Meaning: This is not to comment but I really like it means beautiful jade, oh if your English names are jade then this is perfect for you I like this names as well I should have called myself jade hi guys it’s jade here no doesn’t sound right 🙂

4. Shu

Meaning: It means to stretch and feels comfortable but that’s not the main reason why I like it I like how it could be interpreted so it consists of another two characters “She” means to let something go and “Yu” means to give. 

See it contains philosophy in it and I feel like if you’re down to earth helpful easygoing person then this really suits you. 

5. Meng

Meaning: It means to dream are dreams both the verb and the noun easy for English speakers pronouns as well and if you really like it and you just don’t want to bother to find another surname then you can just simply split it up “lin” “Xi” you can call yourself Lindsey sounds good too.

6. Yun 

Meaning: It means nice sound sweet music. I think it just feels like someone who’s cute and has a great personality 

7. Yan 

Meaning: It means beauty um this character is not really common in everyday conversation but rather common in female names. 

8. Yi 

Meaning: This is often seen in female names as well as feminine and elegant it means appearance so if you like it I suggest you putting it as the last character of your names, for example, the character before ut is an adjective say wan so one means gentle caring looking 

9. Xi 

Meaning: It means rare or help not necessarily for girls for example Addison chan’s Chinese name is Chun guan xi one means champion that’s a really good name

10. Yu

Meaning: Well it could also be pronounced as which means to tell but that’s mostly in classical Chinese in modern Chinese it’s pronounced as which means to speak our language but this might be a little bit tricky to pronounce you have to really pout like you’re about to kiss someone

Most Top Cute, Popular, Good Middle Chinese Names For Baby Boy & Girl

List No. 1 List No. 2
Wang  Li
Jun Wang
Qian Zhang
Yan  Liu
Yueyin Chen
Chen Xiafeng Yang
Zhao Huang
Zhou Wu
Xu Sun
Hu Zhu
Gao Lin
He Guo
Ma Luo
Liang  Song
Zheng Xie
Han Tang
Feng Yu
Yu Dong
Xiao Cheng
Cao Yuan
Deng Xu
Fu Shen
Zeng Peng
Lu Su
Lu Jiang
Cau Jia
DIng Weu
Xue Ye
Yan Yu
Pan Du
Dai Xia
Zhing Wang
Tian Ren
Jiang Fan
Fang Shi
Yao Tan
Sheng Zou
Xiong Jin
Lu Hao
Kong Bai
Cui Kang
Mao Qiu
Xinjiang Shi
Gu Yin
Hou Li
Shao Yi
Meng Chang
Long Wu
Wan Qiao
Duan He
Zhang Lai
Qian Gong
Tang Wen

Conclusion: Alright, guys these are a few characters I have in mind for now I might make more blogs on this matter in the future if you guys are interested. 

I genuinely hope this could help you guys to some extent because t’s your name it’s probably gonna keep you company for a really long time.


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