101+ Afghan Girl Names with Meaning – Pashto, Persian, Iranian Names

Afghan Girl Names with Meaning, Pashto Girl Names, Persian Queen Names, Iranian Female Baby Girl Names

afghan girl names with meaning

Afghan Girl Names with Meaning: After researching on google that so many people are searching for Afghan girl names, Pashto girl names, Persian girl names, Iranian girl names, Etc. 

These are such keywords that are searching by most of the people on Google on the daily basis but nobody finds the best names of afghan girls names. 

So that’s why I have to come with this post to help the people who are really looking for the best Afghan girl names with meaning.

Pashto, Persian, and Iranian Girl Names with Meaning

Are you Looking for Afghan Girl Names with meaning? Don’t worry we have mentioned so many Afghan Girl Names with meaning which you’re going to love it. 

In this post we are going to covering the following queries which we have mentioned below: 

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  • Afghan Girl Names with Meaning 
  • Pashto Female Baby Girl Names with Meaning
  • Iranian Female Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Afghan Girl Names with Meaning

Below in this table, we have mentioned Names with their Meaning and Given Name. Check out all these names and choose the name which you like the most. 

Adela Just, Fair, Upright & Honest Don’t Know Yet
Aisha Womanly & One who lives Wife of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)
Arezo Wish & Desire Arezo Nekbin – Afghan Singer
Aryana Holy & Former Name of Afghanistan & Iran Aryana Sayeed – Afghan Singer

Arian Grande – American Singer

Asal Honey Don’t Know Yet
Beheshta Related To Heaven Don’t Know Yet
Belqis Queen of Saba or Sheba Belqis – Queen of Saba or Sheba
Ghazal A Type of Persian Poem Ghazal Sadat – Afghan Singer/Businesswoman
Hadisa New Don’t Know Yet
Diba Cloth of Skin  Don’t Know Yet
Duniya World Don’t Know Yet
Elaha Goddess Don’t Know Yet
Farah Happiness 7 Joy Farah Pahlavi – Former Queen of Iran
Fereshta Angel Fereshta Sama – Afghan SInger
Hamasa Bravery, a kind of person about Heroic Act Don’t Know Yet
Jannat Paradise Don’t Know Yet
Laili Nighty or Like the Night Female Character of an Arabic Story
Lina River & Tender Lina Rozbeh – Afghan Poet/Journalist
Madina City Don’t Know Yet
Maryam Flower & Mother of Prophet Issa Don’t Know Yet
Marwa Name of a Place in Kaaba Don’t Know Yet
Mursal Name of a Flower Don’t Know Yet
Nadia Hope & Delicate Don’t Know Yet
Nasrin Name of a Flower Don’t Know Yet
Nilab Water of Nile Don’t Know Yet
Pari Fairy Pari Ghulami – Afghan Actress
Sahar Just Before Dawn Don’t Know Yet
Samira Pleasant Companion Don’t Know Yet
Sanam Beloved Don’t Know Yet
Sofia Wisdom & Beautiful Don’t Know Yet
Sosan Name of a Flower Don’t Know Yet
Tamana Wish or Desire Don’t Know Yet
Yalda Birth & Longest Night of the Year Don’t Know Yet
Yasmine Name of a Flower Don’t Know Yet
Zahra Shining or Bright Don’t Know Yet
Zinat Decoration or Beauty Don’t Know Yet

Famous Pashto and Iranian Female Baby Girl Names 

The following is the list of the most famous Pashto and Iranian Female baby girl names. we have mentioned a 50+ Names list of Pashto Girl with Meaning.

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We are giving our best to give you the best Famous Pashto Baby Girl Names which you will like the most.

Sundarta Sundarta is the name of a Beautyness. It means Beauty Girl
Bakhtawara A Baby Girl Born with Tremendous Luck Girl
Benazira A girl with No Comparison Girl
Brekhna Lightning or Lightning Bolt Girl
Cheydan Peaceful or Patient Unisex
Durkhanai Gem. It’s also the name of a famous folk tale, Adam Khan aw Durkhanai Girl
Gabina Honey or as sweet as honey. A girl with Sweet Disposition Girl
Ghuncha A Bunch of Flowers Girl
Gul Bibi Gul Bibi is the name of Flower Girl
Gul Warin The name derived from Gulwari and means the one who sprinkles flower Girl
Gzifa The peaceful one, Calm and Patient Girl
Helai Helia is a Pashto word for swan Girl
Khaista Pashto version of Shasta meaning beautiful Girl
Khush Bakhta A Girl with a Happy Luck Girl
Khwaga Sweet, a girl with sweet nature Girl
Lalma  A piece of land that defends only on rain Girl
Malala One who is grieving, sad one Girl
Malghalara Pashto word for Pearl Girl
Munawara An enlightened and wise woman Girl
Nangialai An honorable and notable woman Girl
Nazo Someone who is whimsy and beautiful. It’s the name of a famous Pashtun female poet of 18th Century Girl
Orzala The light and brightness emitted by fire Girl
Zar Wareen The woman who sprinkles gold Girl
Rekhmina Silken, name of a fabric Girl
Ranrha Light Girl
Roshina The one who gives light Girl
Shinogai A Girl with Green Eyes Girl
Shughla Ray of Light Girl
Shazmina The one who is capable too much, love Girl
Storai Star Girl
Silai Pashto word for Wind Girl
Shanzai Tree of the Paradise Girl
Tabana Bright Moonlight Girl
Tor Pikai A Girl with Black Hair Girl
Uzuri Beauty Girl
Wagma Breeze accompanied with a pleasant smell Girl
Wadaana A Girl destined to be wealthy and Prosperous Girl
Wafa Faithfulness, fidelity, and loyalty Girl
Wajia A Beautiful Melody Girl
Warda Pashto Term For Rose Girl
Zala Shine and Brightness Girl
Zohal Zohal is the name of the moon of another planet Girl
Zar Bibi Zar means gold and Bibi means the woman Girl
Zeena Beautiful Girl

Conclusion: We have mentioned above so many name lists of

  • Afghan Girl Names with meaning
  • Pashto Female baby girl names with meaning
  • Iranian female baby girl names with meaning
  • Persian Female Baby Girl Names with Meaning

These are the name list which we have mentioned above. we hope you loved the names which we have mentioned above. 

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